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A Community Project with the Ocean at its Heart

Surf For Self-Worth

Free Ocean Sessions for those in Newquay who want to boost their mental and physical well being.

Sea swimming, Bodyboarding and Surfing to build water confidence and self-esteem. Positive Waves is designed for beginners, or those who want to go back to basics.

Our Mission

Positive Waves is here to offer zero pressure, fun and supportive ocean activities to those in Newquay who need them most.


We offer sessions to people who'd like a bit of a mental or physical health boost, want to increase their water confidence, or fancy trying a water sport they've never had access to before. 

This is as much a social inclusion project as anything. Newquay is the home of UK surfing, but it's not unusual to come across a local who's never given it a go.

Our sessions are aimed primarily at adults, although family groups are very welcome. You are never too old, and it's never too late to give something new a go!


The ocean is full of limitless possibilities. We believe if we harness just a fraction of all of this positive energy, we can make a real difference to the Newquay community.


Join us, and let the positive waves flow…

Support In The Water

We want to help people access the ocean, enjoy their time in the water and receive the restorative powers of the sea. There are a host of physical and mental health benefits to spending time in the ocean, so we want to open that door for people, and support them as they gain confidence & learn skills to thrive in this environment.

  • We will offer water sessions for all ages and abilities

  • Small groups sessions with individual attention

  • Supportive, no pressure environment

  • Sessions will be personalised to suit our guests

  • Multiple sessions will be offered to build water confidence gradually

Sessions For All Ages

The ocean belongs to us all collectively, it is both our classroom & our playground. It's never too late to learn

Positive Goal Setting

Everyone has their own targets and goals, there is no need for comparison or competition. Learn at your own pace.

Fun & Supportive Learning

Let the water heal you, wash away your troubles & clear your mind; laughter is the best therapy

Laurie SUP Kayak Snorkel Seal-011.jpg

The Ocean is YOUR playground

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Thanks for supporting us

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